What to do with kids in the Algarve

Welcome to the Algarve, a very big hello, for you and your family, so you have arrived, and the question is, what to do with kids in the Algarve.

We know well, how difficult it can be to manage everyone's expectations on this trip to the Algarve, however, we want to help you, especially if you travel with children, so we created this for you, what to do with kids in the Algarve !?

Then we will leave you some places and activities that you can visit as a family, here, through the kingdoms of the Algarve.


  • Boat Tour

The Ex-libris of the Algarve at this time is the Benagil cave, because it is a rock formation, resulting from years of erosion. Mainly because it has a small beach inside a cave, do you find it interesting?

For the family outing we recommend a boat trip, especially for safety and comfort.

On this tour departing from Portimão, boarding takes place at a safe pier, from the naval club of Portimão, in addition it is a smaller boat, which allows you to visit many more caves and deserted beaches, at the same time that you can be close with the guides. Therefore, in an 18-passenger boat, you will have 2 guides on board.
First of all, this is a 2 hour trip, we are with children, it is likely that a long time can become a huge challenge.


We recommend that you opt for the morning stroll for 3 reasons:


  • Since the sea is generally calmer in the morning.
  • So that there is less boats and people in the cave.
  • And without a doubt avoid the heat.

  • Zoomarine


What to do with kids in the Algarve? Zoomarine! Perhaps probably, of the most complete places, with several shows, taking place in the enclosure, Zoomarine will undoubtedly delight both kids and adults.



  • Fonts Estômbar

The fountain site in Estômbar, has not only these fantastic natural pools, but also a children's playground, as well as a picnic and barbecue park that you can use for a fantastic picnic in nature.

It is an area with easy access, since you can find all accessibility and parking.

What to do with kids in the Algarve, this is a great suggestion.


  • Adventure Golf Alvor

A very pleasant place, which will certainly delight the kids.

Located in Alvor, in this sense it is a great suggestion for families, friends and groups.

  • Barril Beach


This is a fantastic beach, with all the facilities, and as a result of its proximity to Spain, that is, the water is warmer!

But not only! To get to the beach, you can do it on the train! In other words, a train that takes you to the beach.

Certainly what to do with kids in the Algarve, it is easier if it is for the whole family to create memories! And this train will certainly be part of your sweetest memories.


  • Slide & Splash

The water park had to be on that list. It is in Lagoa and certainly meets all the conditions for a very well spent day.



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  • Karts


At the Algarve international race track, you can experience the adventure of karts.


  • Zoo Lagos


It allows you to escape the cosmopolitan Algarve. This place full of animals and stories in Lagos, will allow a visit and communion with nature, in this visit to Lagos Zoo


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  • SandCity Fiesa


It looks like a place of science fiction, such is not the detail of these majestic sand sculptures.

The SandCity Fiesa, is in Lagoa next to the national 125.

You can purchase the tickets here.



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  • Dolphins Tour


A boat trip to see dolphins may be what you are looking for.

A boat trip that allows you to lose sight of the land in search of our dolphin friends, why not?



We will leave you here some dolphin sighting tours

One departing from Vilamoura and the other from Portimão.

What to do with kids in the Algarve, certainly not so difficult, but if you haven't found the suggestion you are looking for here, we are in the WhatsApp.