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Gruta de Benagil e Praia da Marinha Privado

Come and discover magical places on an unforgettable journey through the guarded charms of nature.

We invite you to take a boat tour to the Benagil Cave, the most famous cave in Europe.

Our tour to the Benagil Caves, offered by Algarve Discovery, is done with small boats. Because that is the only way to discover the inside of the most beautiful caves in Europe.
During our boat trip to Benagil, we pass all the caves and stunning beaches of our coastline. From Ferragudo to Benagil, that way no place is left unvisited.


A little about Benagil Cave

Benagil Cave is a hidden treasure on the southern coast of Portugal, more precisely in the Algarve region. This stunning rock formation has captivated the imagination of visitors, thus becoming one of the most popular and photographed destinations in the region.

Located near Benagil beach, the cave is a true natural wonder. Firstly it stands out for its opening in the ceiling, allowing sunlight to penetrate the crystalline waters, then for the spectacle of colours and reflections that enchant the eyes of visitors. This unique characteristic has also earned it the nickname “Cathedral of the Algarve”.

The cave can be viewed in many ways, but one of the most common ways is by small boats or kayaks, as a result it helps to preserve the cave and the environment. Tourists embark on a short but exhilarating journey through the sea, gliding gently through the waters until they reach the entrance to the cave. As they get closer, the view becomes more and more impressive, indeed revealing the grandeur and beauty of the site.

However, if you are still not convinced by our wonderful words, and doubt the beauty of Benagil Cave, then please browse through our gallery and fall in love with our photos, click here!

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