Faro’s heritage, culture and arts reveal the signs left by the passage of various communities: Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths, Moors, Christians and Jews.

They are engraved all over the city of Faro and in the countryside, and we invite you to discover them. Everything is worth visiting; from the small chapel to the rich palace, beauty is all around, ready to be admired.

The beaches and the Ria Formosa, where flamingos flutter, border the sea; you can choose to take a tour of the islands, a treasure hunt on the island, or even a photo session with a professional here!

The flat fields are dotted with houses, the green of the vegetable gardens cultivated on the fertile land, the frames of the norias that extracted the fresh, healthy water inherited from the Moors. Gentle amphitheatre-like hills, where fruit trees grow, frame the landscape in the background.

Villages that display treasures of art and reveal the magnificence of noble Romans. These are the charms of Faro and its municipality, the starting point for unforgettable journeys.

Here’s information on how to get around the Algarve

Stations in the towns between Lagos and Vila Real de Santo António.

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Urban transport
Public transport in the main towns.

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Are you ready for so much natural beauty?

We invite you to visit all the tours available on our website, we are still building up our offer of tours throughout the Algarve, possibly also in Vila do Bispo, so please visit here!


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