Cheapest Hotels in Portimão

We've done some research into the cheapest flats and hotels in Portimão, mainly because it's more important than ever to rest and above all relax, so if it's Portimão you're looking for, we've put together a list of the cheapest flats and hotels in Portimão for a holiday here.

Why this list of the cheapest flats and hotels in Portimão?
Portimão is a municipality in the Algarve, known for its long sandy beaches, and also for the big events we used to enjoy.

Although reality has changed, the world hasn't stopped. However, with events on hold, the beauty of these Algarve lands leaves no doubt. Portimão and its parishes are undeniably a great destination for a well-deserved break. Alone or with the family, this is certainly a destination for those looking for nature, tranquillity and to explore the Algarve.


Here's a list:

Squash Club Apartamentos
It's in Praia da Rocha, well located and a very attractive value for a weekend or a few weeks' rest. These are flats and their location means you can walk to the beach.

Studio 17 by Atlantichotels-Al
On our list of the cheapest flats and hotels in Portimão is Studio 17, located in the inner city of Portimão, very close to the Continente shopping centre and the youth park. These are relatively new flats with access to free Wi-Fi and an outdoor swimming pool.

Club Amarílis
Located in Praia da Rocha, it allows you to walk to the beach because of its proximity. It also has an outdoor swimming pool and Wi-Fi, as well as a good location.

Plaza Real by Atlanticholes
Located between Portimão and Praia da Rocha. Flats equipped with a kitchen, with access to Free WI-FI and an outdoor swimming pool, while boasting a good location.

Apartamentos Jardins da Rocha
In Praia da Rocha, it has an excellent location and sea views, while you can also enjoy an outdoor swimming pool here.


However, we'll leave you with a map and updated prices!
And don't forget, if you're in Portimão, to include a trip to the Benagil caves - check out our tours here!
Cheapest flats and hotels in Portimão.