Benagil Everything you need to know

Benagil Everything you need to know. Over the years, our visitors have had some doubts about this wonderful rock formation, how to get there? Benagil price? What is the best time of day? We try to answer your questions, with this article.

Benagil Seen from the Top

We found some pictures taken from the top of Benagil.

Benagil is part of one of the most famous hiking trails in the area “The 7 Suspended Valleys” with a trail of 5.4 km. It also includes this view from the top of Benagil. You can see the wooden fences that mark the hole that seems to be half lost among the rocks.
For safety reasons, as a result of the instability of the cliffs, it is duly signposted and protected.
Since we are on top of these yellow cliffs, it is impossible not to marvel at the splendor of nature in this place. Each rock seems delicately carved, so with the fluctuations of sunlight it is possible to appreciate different shades.
Benagil is therefore one of the sea caves that you can find on a pedestrian walk that starts at Praia da Marinha.


Benagil Everything you need to know


What is Benagil Cave?

Benagil is a small fishermen’s beach, an old haven for the people of the sea, that has accustomed the locals to good fish. This beach belongs to the municipality of Lagoa in Algarve and recently due to the media coverage of the Benagil cave, which is close to the beach has become the ex-libris of the region.
The cave is a rock formation, a consequence of the erosion of limestone rocks resulting from the passage of time, sea currents, sea, and atmospheric conditions, which consequently resulted in this cavity with two entrances and a window to the sky at the top with a small beach inside.

Can I drive to Benagil’s cave?

Benagil cave is a marine cave, only accessible by sea, so it can only be reached by boat, kayak, surfboard, or paddle.



How to visit the Benagil Cave?

The cave should preferably be visited by boat, with a certified company so that you can safely get to know the cave, however the more adventurous and the explorers may prefer kayak or paddle.
There are many people who venture out to swim. However, like any popular place, the excessive number of boats makes it dangerous to go there swimming, because you need good physical conditions to do it.


Can I swim to the Benagil Cave?

Yes, but as we have said several times, it is not advisable at all.


How to see the Benagil Cave?

The cave can be seen from the top, but its interior can be visited by boat, swim, kayak, board or paddle.


Benagil cave from Faro?

We left Portimão, but that does not prevent us from participating in this tour at all, if you are without transportation there is no problem. You can check the train schedules here. Let us know your arrival time and we will pick you up from Portimão station.

If you are missing transportation from Faro, talk to us on WhatsApp.


What is the price to see the Benagil Cave?

The price to see the cave depends on how you want to do it. As this is a sea cave, only accessible by swimming, kayak or paddle, prices vary between €30 and €50 depending on the services hired.

But price is not always value.

When choosing, pay attention to factors such as:

• Duration – Longer duration does not mean seeing more!
This is usually associated with the power of the engines, as older and more polluting boats are slower, so take this fact into consideration.
• Itineraries – Benagil is beautiful, yes! But, there are many more natural caves along the way, and this tour goes all the way to Marinha beach, where you can even go diving.
• Group size – Very important to avoid taking the photo in the cave with 30 other heads in front of you!
• Pick-up service – Our service is free of charge and will save you a lot of money and time by not having to look for parking.
• Size of the boat – Smaller boats allow more groups to explore, and more attention from the guides because it is a small group.

Benagil cave from Lisbon?

We left Portimão, but that does not prevent us from participating in this tour at all, if you are without transportation there is no problem. You can check the train schedules here. Let us know your arrival time and we will pick you up from Portimão station.

If you are missing transportation from Lisbon, talk to us on WhatsApp.


When is the best time of year to visit the Benagil cave?

Due to the fact that the cave is a sea cave, from spring is a more pleasant time to visit the cave although the entire year is possible, however, it always dependent on the sea and weather conditions, after all it is a rock formation only visitable by sea, unless you want a photo at the top.
• April to June, pleasant weather, and less crowds of tourists
• June to September, warmer weather, lots of tourists
• The weather is good all year round (Algarve)
• On average, the hottest months are July, August, and September
• Algarve has dry periods in January, February, March, May, June, July, August, and September
• However, the coldest months are January, February, and December
• Thus, the best months for swimming are July, August, September, and October


What is the best time to see the Benagil Cave?

The beach inside the cave, because of tidal heights, causes the size of the sand inside the cave to oscillate, but there is always sand.
The best time to visit the cave is entirely related to what you want to do.
So, if you want a boat trip, the morning is probably best: for having less affluence, and a half full tide to allow the boat to enter deeper into the cave, so you can more easily capture images from the top of this rock formation.
If, on the other hand, you choose to kayak or paddle, the emptier tide allows you more sand on the small beach, which allows you more angles to photograph, in this case, with your feet firmly on the sand.
Regarding the swimming option! It is not an option, it is extremely dangerous, not recommended and only in cases of excellent physical condition and excellent weather and sea conditions.

Benagil Caves from Portimão, why?

The biggest advantage of this tour is the fact that in addition to this rock formation, you can visit many more.
On a tour departing from the river Arade in Portimão, we leave behind the castle of São João do Arade and the Santa Catarina fortress in Praia da Rocha and turn left towards Spain. We start our tour contemplating caves immediately from this exit through the Atlantic Ocean. It is then possible to see deserted beaches and many other caves inaccessible on foot.
This tour extends to Marinha Beach, and maybe, if we are lucky, we will be visited by our dolphin friends, a regular presence here.
As such, departures from Portimão are highly recommended, due to the complete circuit they allow, and as there is free transport to the boarding, the ticket price is extremely attractive.

Do you have parking near the Benagil Cave?

Yes it has, after all, a car park with capacity for 300 vehicles was recently created.


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