5 Most Instagramable Places in the Algarve.

We are anxious to be able to explore the world again, the time has come to discover, welcome to the Algarve, we are so happy to visit you, that we have created for you a list of the 5 most instagramable places in the Algarve.

We did an exhaustive search, to share with you, the 5 most instagramable places in the Algarve, posted by influencers, so you can also take your photos. However, we do not stop here, because that already has many blogs, lists and more lists, so we are going to recommend places to you, share profiles of real influencers with photos in the places and mainly, the best tours, to get there, above of everything, so you don’t miss anything.


Thinking of the Algarve, takes you to beaches, heat, parties, nature, on the other hand, you want to take the best memories and consequently the best photos.

We will share with you the list of the 5 most instagramable places in the Algarve, not only the ones we recommend, but also examples of Instagram profiles in the places, and finally how to get there.


Let's present you the Top 5!


Fasten your seatbelt, get inspired, that the journey will begin.


  • Benagil


Benagil, is probably the most famous cave in the world, however because it is a marine cave, its access is conditioned.

This natural cave, close to Benagil beach, in the municipality of Lagoa, is a consequence of the erosion of limestone rocks over the years, that is, due to changes in weather and sea conditions in the last millennia.

First of all, it is a small beach, inside a rocky cavity, it became famous due to the countless sharing of photos of this place, but finally there are now several ways to get there.

For sure that thinking about a sea cave, takes you already looking for a boat to get there, so we leave you here, this boat trip, that takes you there, but not only, this tour takes you to Benagil , but also to Marinha beach. So you will get to know many more caves and deserted beaches along the way.

We have only one recommendation for you! Take your cell phone, or loaded camera, up to now!



  • Ponta da Piedade


In Lagos, there are so many beautiful places, that it is even difficult to search for the most instagrammable, however, without a doubt, the tip of piety, I had to be part of our list of the 5 most instagramable places in the Algarve.

These rock formations have aroused the interest of those who visit us, due to the natural beauty of the rocks, which at times seem sculpted by an artist.

If so, if you want to explore the tip of piety, you can opt for a boat trip, which will meticulously take you to the most beautiful corners.





  • Ferragudo


This is a novelty, certainly, it is one of the least listed places, since this media coverage is recent.

This small street in Ferragudo is undeniably beautiful. It is, therefore, places that receive many visits, not only because it remains very traditional, but also because of the beautiful, bougainvillea, with pink flowers.

This street is very close to the Ferragudo church.

We recommend visiting this street, as well as admiring the magnificent view of the church of Ferragudo, as they are very close.


  • Pego do Inferno


It had to be part of our list of the most instagramable places in the Algarve.

It is a wonderful place, in the municipality of Tavira.

A natural waterfall, named Pego do Inferno.

Access requires some attention, as a consequence, of its location. Although there is a small car park at the top, the rest of the way will have to be on foot.


  • Algar Seco


Stay in Carvoeiro, this paradise by the sea planted.

This place appears in our list of the most instagramable places in the Algarve, as we consider it to be unique in beauty, and that it should not only be photographed, but also visited.

It is in the village of Carvoeiro, in the municipality of Lagoa.

It has a car park, where you can leave your car. Access is via a staircase.

We recommend, not only the Algar Seco, but also the huge walkway, which allows you to see the whole village of Carvoeiro and its beach.


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In conclusion, this is our Top 5, in fact, there are so many beautiful places, in such a way that it was very complicated to choose only 5. So, we hope you enjoyed the trip!

Now you can take off your belt! See you soon!