2 days in the Algarve

This is an itinerary for 2 days in the Algarve 2021.

Welcome to the Algarve, first of all, this is a district south of mainland Portugal, however, with so much to discover, if you eventually plan to be only 2 days in the Algarve, we leave you with tips and suggestions of what you can do.
Therefore, we created for you a 2-day itinerary, revitalizing and invigorating to mainly allow you, an explosion of energies in this 2021.
New and positive energies.
This is a unique itinerary, therefore, designed for you.
Those perfect Instagram photos, those unmissable walks and those places that seem untouched by man. We'll leave you all here.

Writing this article is a huge privilege, as it is from people really in Loco, with full awareness, that the Algarve, gathers so many beautiful landscapes, and magnificent places, so we promise to be as specific as possible.

  • Day 1

We are talking about a 2-day itinerary in the Algarve, so we are going to focus geographically on this possible weekend of yours.
First of all, we recommend that you stay in Ferragudo, take a look at our accommodation suggestion.

Ferragudo the "Venice Algarve" is undeniably beautiful, especially for the small streets, with sidewalks, old and traditional facades.

Bathed by the Arade River, a place of tranquility and local culture.
Here you can choose to walk along the river, enjoy the local fishermen and their fishing gear, as well as the good fresh fish restaurants, with Portimão on the horizon.

2 Dias no Algarve

For the Tranquility of Vila de Ferragudo we guarantee to be a great place to stay overnight.

Waking up in Ferragudo on the 1st, in this way, you can opt for an aqua taxi, departing from Ferragudo and consequently leaving you at the Vasco da Gama quay in Portimão.

Arriving at Vasco da Gama Pier, you have this boat trip to Benagil, however if you have a car, you can drive there.

It should be noted that there is a free car park! Do you know the famous Algarve caves? - yes, those, this is where this tour goes.

Arrive early in the morning, so you can take the tour to discover the caves of Benagil.

This boat tour departing from Portimão will allow you to visit not only Benagil, but many more caves and deserted beaches and even Praia da Marinha. Of note, you can take this group tour, in other words sharing with strangers or choose a private tour.

So that you can take photographs of the Navy arches in the water.

In that sense, take your bikini or bathing suit, because you will have the opportunity to swim in the sea, and prepare yourself, therefore, perhaps our dolphin friends will visit us.


  • If you book this Tour for the time of 11: 30h, that means that at approximately 13; 30h you will be back at the pier, I calculate that with lots of photos, of "probably", the most beautiful tour in the Algarve.


  • Now and hungry, it's time for lunch.
    If you head towards Praia da Rocha, which is just a 5-minute drive away, you can find several restaurants on the beach.


However, if you prefer tapas, with products from the region, you will also find it, while enjoying the view of the Algarve beach with a greater stretch of sand.

You can enjoy the rest of the afternoon doing beach, depending on the time of year you visit the Algarve. However, if that is not your idea, here are some suggestions of what you can do in the immediate vicinity;

  1. Visit the fishing village of Alvor, where you can opt for a free and relaxing walk, by the river, stopping at one of the many terraces, or by a Kayak trip to explore João de Arens.
  2. Take a walking tour of the city of Portimão.
  3. Visit the megalithic ruins of Alcalar.
  4. If you like motorcycles, we suggest a sidecar tour where you can explore in 2: 30m Alvor, Ferragudo and Portimão.
  5. If you are a wine lover and like to visit wineries, we leave open the possibility of visiting 2 wineries and wine and tapas tastings.
  6. For the extremely adventurous, you can try the 5000m tandem jump.
  7. If you want an experience on horseback, you will find it here, in nature.
  8. For a wonderful relaxing sunset, what do you think about a Mediterranean bath with aromatherapy?

Em Ferragudo o teu fim de dia, tem tudo para ser extraordinário.

However, if you prefer, we leave the suggestion of Alvor, this small fishing village, which has the calm of a square, with a lot of nightlife, with bars and restaurants and a majestic riverside area with extensive.


However, if you choose to stay at Praia da Rocha, you have numerous bars and clubs, a casino, as well as beach bars, depending on the time when you visit the Algarve you will probably even have beach parties.

Day 2

Because the idea with this article is to allow you to rest and relax, and we are only talking about 2 days in the Algarve.

Therefore, we will not recommend places that require you to travel by car.

We consider that it would be a huge waste of time, considering that we are recommending an itinerary for only 2 days.

Wake up early, today we are going to carvoeiro. Is the day wonderful ?! Great, let's go to Carvoeiro beach.

This beach, with so many legends and inserted in the village of Carvoeiro, still practically untouched by human greed, with the exaggerated construction as seen, in other places.

Here, we believe it is a great place to do the beach.
Around lunchtime, we have the ex-libris of Algar Seco in Carvoeiro, with "two eyes on the rock" nicknamed "A Boneca"

2 dias no Algarve

Here, in addition to being able to find, a restaurant in the middle of the rocks, you will find a natural swimming pool, where, if the sea is calm, you can take a dip.


Still in the same geographic area, for example, this is undoubtedly a very "popular on instagram" due to the majestic view.


2 Dias no Algarve

It's 2 days in the Algarve, and this place is a must, here you can have a coffee and take that perfect selfie, for sure you didn't know it, it's called the Sky Bar and stays at the Hotel Tivoli Carvoeiro, in any case, we think you would like it, since it probably has one of the most beautiful views in the region at the same time that you can enjoy a refreshing drink.

But if by consequence it is nature that you are looking for, once, that you do not even want to know about cafes or restaurants and prefer a picnic and in addition to know a fantastic trail, in this sense there is, for example, in Praia da Marinha the famous pedestrian route of the 7 suspended valleys , going for a walk hike? It is 5.4 km over hills and cliffs, however, properly signposted and protected.

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Namely, at the top of the cliffs, a 5.4 km route starts, however, duly signposted and mainly, with the proper security fences. However, if you take this tour with children, you must first analyze the weather conditions, in addition to bring water, sunscreen and a cap, for sure, they will be missed.


While analyzing all this information, join our telegram channel, with tips and suggestions. In order to build a community of visitors, lovers and onlookers from the Algarve.

In Conclusion, we do not want you to miss anything, in other words, we want you to see as much as possible, however also allowing you to enjoy without running, in other words, the Algarve, it is also to be felt, so take advantage.